HBC is "Online community aimed at passing on Japanese street dance culture to the next generation"
"GRAY SOURCE's original HIPHOP mind, how to play the streets, all the knowledge and commitment of the members are taught"

"A place for interaction where you can learn, play, and
Enhance each other's experience with the aim of developing individuality"

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HIPHOP DANCER group representing Japan.

An online community planned and operated by members of "GRAY SOURCE".

In addition to distributing lesson videos by 7 members, we will tell you how to enjoy dance battles and showcases, how to enjoy music and culture, and how to play the street through lifestyle.

In June 2022, "English subtitles for ONLINE LESSON videos"

The HBC community started its 1st anniversary!

(English subtitles are only available in online lesson videos. There are no English subtitles for talk session videos or other videos.)

We are looking forward to you joining HighBreed Club!!

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How to join Highbreed club!!

Our online salon is operated on the Japanese website "Campfire" ( crowdfunding )
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Every month, the lesson videos of each GRAYSOURCE member are posted on the Facebook HBC members-only group page.

So, if you don't have FB account, please create an account.
When you complete your payment with Campfire, you will receive an automatic email from Campfire to your registered email address. (If you do not receive it, please contact us to the Email address below)

"HighBreed Club in Campfire Top Page"




Check your entered Email address



"Choice ¥5000 / Every month"


Choice of payment method (We recommend a credit card.)


Enter “Japanese address”

You can enter "any address in Japan"

( You don't have to live in Japan )

Please search your favorite Japanese address on Google map.


If you have any questions, please contact us!


We are looking forward to you joining!!

Thank you!!