Prior to the launch of the Hybrid Club produced by GRAYSOURCE,
A special video project with a total of 50 people
Released on YouTube account "HIGHBREED TV"!!
Starts June 1, 2021 ➡︎➡︎➡︎
Stay tuned for future information releases!

"An online community that aims to pass on Japanese street dance culture to the next generation."

"GRAY SOURCE's unique hip-hop mindset, street entertainment, and all the members' knowledge and passion"

"A place for interaction where people can learn, play, and increase their experience together, with the aim of developing their individuality."

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A group of hip-hop dancers representing Japan.

An online community planned and managed by members of "GRAY SOURCE".

In addition to video lessons by the seven members, they will also share their thoughts on dance battles and showcases, as well as how to enjoy music and culture, and how to have fun on the streets through their lifestyle.

The purpose of this gathering is for members who have always been active on the front lines to share the sensations and experiences they have cultivated around the world and pass them on to the next generation.

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・Lessons with 7 full members + GUEST lessons

A total of eight videos are distributed per month.

We are also planning special lessons with guest dancers from Japan and abroad.

・Online lessons will also be held irregularly .

・Those who send in videos of themselves dancing will receive direct advice from the members.


・Live streaming where you can communicate directly with the members (Q&A about dance, chat, etc.)

・Online talks with special guests (dancers, DJs, artists, etc.)

-Real-time dance sessions by members .


・We will hold online battles and contests exclusively for members.

The winner will receive a video shoot bonus and PWNED items.

・Every month, members will pick a recommended dancer from among the members.

・Produce a video work with the members .

-Planning offline workshops, ciphers, and practice sessions for members only.

・We plan member-only offline events, training camps, camps, BBQs, workshops, practice sessions, and more.

We are always accepting requests and questions about things you would like the Hybrid Club and Grey Source members to do or projects!

"We want people like this to become members!!"

-People who live far away and cannot take lessons directly from members.

- People who have been dancing for many years but have not achieved results in battles or contests.

-Those who want to deepen their knowledge of not only dance skills and knowledge, but also related music and culture.

・Those who want to try something new.

・Those who want to meet people who love STREET CULTURE.

We look forward to your participation!!

HIGHBREED CLUB Management Team